Python String rindex() MethodPython Functions

Rindex() finds the position of the last occurrence of a substring in a given string. If not found, it returns an error message.


str1 = "nice to meet you, George! have a nice day.....!!!"
str2 = "nice"
str3 = 'days'

# Find the index of last occurrence
print (str1.rindex(str2))

# Not found, return error
print (str1.rindex(str3))


Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 10, in 
    print (str1.rindex(str3))
ValueError: substring not found


str.rindex(substr, start = 0, end = len(string))


Name Description
substr Substring to be searched in the string
start Optional, starting index of the search (inclusive)
end Optional, ending index of the search (exclusive)

Return Value

It returns the index of position where the substring appears for the last time.

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